How does payment work?

Once the payment is made of the product you are going to purchase. We will get started on the development! Once the payment is made, You can choose to give us a host to work on.

Any previous work?

You can view my previous server work at Portfolio

What payment methods are accepted?

Currently only Bank Transfer & PayPal Payment methods are accepted.

What is your T.O.S?

I. All sales are final, there will be no refunds.
II. Payments will be sent whether I have been removed or not
III. Payments will be made by friends and family or by https://samgameryt.com/payment.php or email which I will provide a description you need to write down in the payment infobox
IV. User will not be receiving resell rights to any work of SamGamerYT unless he agrees
V. Dealing with sam means you agree to his TOS automatically
VI. Any setup or design SamGamerYT makes for a server it should not be re-sell unless SamGamerYT agrees.
VII. No refunds after transactions are made
VIII. Chargebacks are not allowed, if they are made then I will be reporting you.
IX. I'm allowed to use the same format or messages layout
X. When I'm working for you it does not gives you the rights to disrespect me or be rude to me.
XI. If anything is broken (Configuration, Plugin) by your own fault, I will not be entitled to fix such issue.
XII. I'm allowed to change my T.O.S without notifying my customers.
XIII. I'm allowed to use server artworks such as a logo or banner for my portfolio.
XIV. Changing the original deal and adding new features will result in extra cost.
XV. I'm allowed to put ("/maker, /creator") command within the server which acts like a watermark.
XVI. I'm not a teacher. I'm not going to be listing the way I work or how I work
XVIII. Removing watermark without SamGamerYT's permission is not allowed.
XIX. Changing the deal will result in extra charges.
XX. SamGamerYT is allowed to work on similar projects.